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Cricket - District Champions

District Champions

They say that sport always lends a surprise or two and that determination and team work are just as important as ‘raw talent’. I witnessed last month an incredible achievement by our Under 10 cricket team, made up of some children a year younger than many taking part. In the qualifying rounds of the tournament we were pitted against the two strongest teams, Claygate and Cleves and were well beaten. However, we qualified for the quarter finals due to having a very good run rate compared to the bottom team.

From that moment onwards, some positive captaining by Hugh and some determined team spirit all round, resulted in a close quarter final win against Bell Farm. We then faced a strong Esher team and won, which left us facing Cleves in the final. It was an amazing final, our team ended up winning by a large margin and we were crowned champions. The organisers were astounded that we had won compared to our starting point and we were a true example of a team that never gave up and showed that in sport anything is possible.