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Chair of Governors

Mr C.Gaines        



Mr S. Holt

 Deputy Headteacher Miss G. Willcox  

Parish Priest

Fr Con Foley

 Designated Safeguarding   Lead (DSL) Mr S. Holt
 Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs K. Bray

Teaching Staff


Mrs J. Rand


Year 1

Mrs C. Lawton


Year 2

Miss S. Ryan


Year 3

Miss G. Willcox


Year 4

Mr P. Clay


Year 5

Mrs M. Hennessy


Year 6

Mrs L. Brown
Mrs H. Curtis


Nursery Teacher

Miss C. Mulea


SEND Co-ordinator

Mrs K. Bray

 Temporary - Learning   Support Teacher Ms G. May  

P.E. (Part-time)

Mr P. Seuke

Mr J. Mazzone


Nursery Nurse NNEB

Mrs J. Normington


Administrative & Support Staff

Business Manager / Finance

Mrs M. Schild

School Secretary / Finance Assistant

Mrs K. McNab

School Assistant

Mrs A. McDonald


Learning and Support 

/ Midday Supervisors

Miss G. Arnold

Mrs D. Barker Broe

Mrs A Bristow 

Mrs D. Burr 

Mrs T. Catlin

Mrs A. Cuni

Mrs K. Fleury

Mrs A. Gault
Mrs M. Horton 

Mrs G. Letton
Mrs K. Martin
Mrs J. McKay

Mrs J. McLaren
Mrs N. Mooney
Ms C. Peuleve
Mrs C. Reeves

Mrs T. Rowland

Mr T. Rumble

Mrs N. Stacey
Mrs K. Stokes
Mrs J. Terry









HLTA, Senior Midday Supervisor


School Caretaker

Mr N. Gardner


Contract Cleaners

Clean for me

  School Cook Ms L. Mihell  
  Lunchtime Servery                  Assistants